our females

Delia Honorable aka Pupa female, EMS code: BSH o

Delia Honorable aka Pupa
Date of birth: 07.06.2016.
Gender: female
Colour: cinnamon
EMS code: BSH o
Longhair gene carrier
Blood type A
Mother: Hawaii Honorable, BSH q
Father: Nanuk von Grigoleit, BSH o
Parents PKD negative

This cheerful and bold cat comes from Czech Republic from breeders who were amongst pioneers in breeding of cinnamon British shorthair cats. That beautiful colour she prides with, tints, depending on light, from honey golden to chocolate and it is an absolute pleasure to watch her. She is our faithful companion, participant in all household activities with merry and friendly attitude. Her smart and interested glance follows everything we do and she also uses quite a number of feline words and sounds we got to know, understand and which make our days happier.

Cats are poetry in motion.  


Nausica Diva Catitta female, EMS code: BLH e

Date of birth: 02.02. 2017.
Gender: female
Colour: cream
EMS code: BLH e
Blood type A
Mother: CH Jessica Spring of British Luxury & Mirabile Dictu, BLH e
Father: ICH Quatro Adorablecat, BLH d

Our longhair kitty cat comes from Lithuania, from one of the best British shorthair catteries. It is pleasure and honour to have Diva Cattita cat amongst our breeding females. Nausica, our “vintage“ cat is a beautiful echo of the past. Of my personal one as that is exactly how, in my childish imaginations, a fairytale, the most beautiful and almost surreal cat looked like, whose tail would whirl magic dust into the air. She is also a part of past struggles of British shorthair breeders to keep the breed alive and healthy by careful cross breeding as it was almost extinct after the First and Second World War.
Nausica is the sunshine of our home, beautiful sight at every moment, whether she is sleeping or walking with a flamboyant tail high up. She is bright not only by colour, but also by character and effect she has on every observer.

No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat. Leo

Leo Dworken

Keep Calm Onlybricat aka Lady female, EMS kod: BSH a

Date of birth: 18.04.2017.
Gender: female
Colour: blue
EMS code: BSH a
Blood type A
Mother: Tahiti Onlybricat IT
Father:  Excellent Kitten Caffe PL
Parents: PKD negative

With her wonderful character and perfect fur our british blue girl comes from Italy, from breeders who have bred british blue cats for many years. Lady got her nickname because of her dignified demeanor, calmness and luxury fur. She is very good nautured, likes to eat and can play for hours, whether alone or with her best friend Nausica. She doesn’t make fuss about anything, never gets angry and cuddles a lot. She is very fine representative of her breed.

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